Sanjeevini Kriya

Sanjeevini Kriya

Powerful Breathing Formula

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Sanjeevini Kriya

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What is Sanjeevini kriya? what it does? 

In Sanskrit, the word Sanjeevini can refer to a magical plant or to a mantra or to a system/method. which is believed to be able to bring a dead person back to life. Sanjeevani kriya is a powerful breathing formula/System. Which magically helps come out of many types of diseases, and it enhances the overall health of the human being. The description below describes Sanjeevini kriya’s benefits.

1, improves total lung volume
2, increases respiratory endurance
3, increase VO2max
4, utilizes Dead space in the lungs.
5, Prepares your body to fight against covid
6, lowers stress and makes you feel happy
7, It energizes and refreshes your body
8, Improves sleep quality
9, It strengthens immune system
10, It helps balancing your hormones
11, Improves oxygen utilization in the body
12, Helps reducing anxiety and depression
13, It improves your memory power and concentration
14, It optimizes your sports performance
15, Helps to quit bad habits
16, Balances pH level in the body
17, It helps detoxifying your body

There are a lot more benefits you can obtain by doing this practice regularly.

How did you formulate this practice ?

I have been practicing and teaching Yoga for more than 5 years. When I teach yoga I always try to make people feel happy, healthy and fit after every session. With a healthy body and mind they can focus on other areas of their life efficiently like family, work life, social life and spiritual life. I wish everyone should become physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually fit. Body should be able to accomplish the given task. Everyone’s body should be strong, energetic, light, and flexible.

When the coronavirus pandemic started, I started figuring out the best practices to strengthen our immune system and respiratory system, hence this virus is targeting our respiratory system. I started figuring out the best breathing exercise to prepare our body to fight against covid.

I was already new and practiced more than 25 types of breathing exercise from Yoga. I researched even better ones if there is any in other breathing methods.

After practicing so many different types of breathing exercises from the best teachers and Guinness world record holders like wim hof, stig severinsen, Patrick McKeown, and may from Tibetan breathing techniques, kriya yoga and yoga pranayamas. and after scientifically understanding breathing anatomy, and respiratory system.

I carefully picked some of the most beneficial and scientifically proven to be effective breathing exercises and made it one powerful breathing sequence Sanjeevini kriya. This powerful breathing exercise will enhance your lung capacity up to 30% in just one month.

How long does the Sanjeevini kriya practice duration and what is in it ?

This sequence has a total of 6 very effective breathing exercises and at the end 10 minutes deep relaxation has a total of 56 minutes duration. I made this simple and easily understandable audio guided breathing exercise. so you can plug in your earphones and start listening and practicing. But before you must learn properly and practice under the supervision of a teacher.

How To learn Sanjeevini kriya?

Sanjeevani kriya can only be learnt directly by teacher or through live online one-on-one personalized class. Total duration of the course is 3 hours. After successful learning you can practice on your own through the guided audio.

What do i learn in this course?

1, Breathing mechanism and dynamics
2, proper way of breathing
3, Breathing anatomy and physiology
4, what is the benefits of doing this practice
5, what time of the day is best to do
6, how to setup your practice space
7, how to prepare yourself
8, how to sit properly
9, Comprehensively learning of 6 different breathing exercises and their benefits
10, learning each breathing exercise properly
12, dos and don’ts
13, combining all together and practicing in one session
14, you will get guided detailed instructions version of this full practice
15, you will get a guided jump start version of the full practice

Who should do it? Who should not do this practice?

Anyone can practice from the age of 7 to 90 years. People must avoid this if they are suffering from chronic illness and severe health conditions.

After learning, should I do it daily?

If you are suffering from nervous system, respiratory system related issues and hormonal imbalances it is recommended to practice everyday up to 3 months. You may see results within 3 weeks. For normal healthy individuals it’s recommended to practice weekly 2 or 3 times or even every day if you wish to.

What is the best suitable time to practice sanjeevani kriya?

Hans it enhances cognitive function, mental clarity and mental alertness. I strongly recommend you to practice in the morning only on an empty stomach.

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Learn this course directly from naveen or learn through 1-to-1 online class. free for people who take our monthly subscription plan

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