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Namasthe…I’m naveen welcome to Samyuktha yoga

Let me tell you a little story about how I get into yoga. I was very lean and unhealthy in my childhood days because of that I had a great interest to improve my health and fitness I used to do cycling & swimming to maintain my health and fitness. I joined the gym worked very hard and build a body that I like. I had a 6 pack abs and big biceps. I reached a peak of my physical fitness. 

Soon after I realized only physical fitness is not enough, I need something more than that. Later I started searching other means of fitness approach such as Zumba, dance fitness, karate, marathon, TABATA, HIIT training, none of them worked for me as a yoga class worked. after trying yoga class the very moment I realized that this what I was searching for many years. 

Then I started practicing yoga sincerely. I started feeling better after every class, so I thought to share my knowledge with others so that they also can get the amazing benefit of yoga. I went to SOHAM ashram to learn yoga accurately. In yoga TTC I have learned many things from internationally renowned Master SOHAM GURUGJI who has more knowledge in Yoga and I have read many authentic yoga texts books and got international yoga certification from yoga alliance UK.

Then I started working in Chaitanya wellness which one of the well-known yoga centers in the Bangalore city, I refined my practice and teaching over the period, after that I have worked with 6am yoga center, I used to teach yoga for corporates, clubhouses, gyms, and individual classes many more. After 4 years of being in this yoga teaching profession, I have got much understanding, knowledge about yoga. Yoga teaching and practicing are the continuous processes that have no end. It is a big ocean, what I have gathered is a bit and there is a lot to explore. Within that knowledge, I will put my heart to make the classes best as possible.

Our mission

Samyuktha Yoga is my humble offering to the society what I have learned and achieved through many years of rigorous practice, research and training in the field of yoga. It is my sincere efforts to propagate yoga. the timeless art of integration of mind, body and soul. the holistic way to achieve exuberant health. I have initiated this movement as teachers to serve the humanity as a whole”

Our goal ​

The Goal is to achieve exuberant health through yoga.

The ultimate goal of “samyuktha” to achieve exuberant health through yoga. We want you to thrive and live a meaningful, engaging, and joyful life. And we think yoga is the best tool to make that happen.

Research in positive psychology (i.e. the science of happiness) suggests that there are many ways to increase your well-being such as meditating, eating well, regular exercise, and proper lifestyle, practicing Yoga is a proven method for your health and mental clarity and yoga encourages the right actions in all aspects of your life. In short, life yoga is a tool for well-being. And our mission is to make that tool available to the masses.

Several recent studies suggest that yoga may help strengthen social attachments, reduce stress and relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia.

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